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Urban Trend is more than just a clothing brand, Urban Trend is a family. A family of trendsetters that pride themselves on fashion, style and exclusivity. We are dedicated to creating the best quality clothing at an affordable price, while keeping each product innovative in style and exclusive to the public. We use the best quality fabrics for all of our products. We maintain our exclusivity by only producing a limited amount of pieces per product, guaranteeing each customer, that no one outside of the production quantity will have the same product.

We pride ourselves in great customer service to guarantee a pleasant shopping experience. If you ever have any issues with a product, order, or any feedback you would like to share, please do not hesitate to contact us. We encourage any and all feedback, as we are always looking at different ways to grow in a positive manner.


Urban Trend guarantees the privacy and safety of every customer that shops with us. Each customers personal information such as Name, Address and Credit Card number will only be used and processed upon placing an order. If you create an account with us, all of your personal information will be stored and protected by data encryption, in addition to our cyber security system that protects each customer from identity fraud. We encourage every customer to shop with confidence!

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